How does LogiSense work?

LogiSense is a open source, easy pluggable system that can fill any software gap for logistic service providers. This means you can keep using the software you are currently using and extend this to connect to your partners and suppliers. LogiSense will provide a secure connector between your system and the partners in the supply chain. This allows you to track and trace goods even when they are handled by independent charters or other partners. No more wasting time on delivery statuses. Just look for the package in your own system and discover where it may be.

LogiSense is keeping connections to partners easily manageable. Every connection between system consumes effort to build and maintain by your IT department. With increased connectivity and exchange of messages, the IT effort grows exponentially. Ten partners in a network will create 90 connections if they all connect to each other. When using LogiSense, the amount of connections will be reduced to 10. This means a reduction of IT effort by factor 9!

LogiSense is the second open source software project of Corizon. We make it open source because we like sharing information to let the IT market benefit. This way, the software is perfected while contributers gain knowledge and users optimizing their supply chain.


What are the benefits of LogiSense?

Reduction of paper trail:
LogiSense makes it easy to connect your business to others. Most logistic providers already have one or more systems to manage their orders and shipments digitally. When cooperating with another logistic service provider or when involving a charter, the communication is often still handled via paper documents. Connecting your system to others to get rid of the paper trail is a complex and tedious process. LogiSense solves this problem!

Full standards compliance:
LogiSense supports industry standards for communication like EDI, usually only a small connector is needed to connect your own system to LogiSense. Any current software system that supports EDI messaging standards will be able to connect to LogiSense.

IT cost reduction:
By reusing connections made to LogiSense a network is build with a minimal amount of connections leading to cost reductions of over factor 10 for small networks. Cost reductions scale up massively with the increase of the amount of participants in the network.

Private and secure:
LogiSense uses state of the art security systems to keep your data safe, fast and reliable. The authentication method makes it impossible for outsiders to comprehend any data. In Germany located certified data centers make sure LogiSense is always available and fast.


What does LogiSense look like


Login through the state of the art security and encryption system.

Clients and locations

Manage all your clients and locations, implement custom approval flows for creditors and debtors

Order entry

Enter new orders in a fully automated, user friendly way.

Plan rides

Plan rides by simply dragging orders from the stack onto the ride.

Rides overview

Nice overview of your rides with the profits and margins you make on them



Corizon BV is a Dutch software development company founded in 2013. Solid base for the company was the team who had been working on the open source farm management system AgroSense for several years already. The Corizon team consists of IT and logistics experts, creating the optimal combination of expertise to implement LogiSense. Years of experience has led to this innovative concept which will change they way businesses will communicate with each other. Our experts are at your service to help implement the needed connector to LogiSense.